My philosophy of accessible design is simple: Designs are for everybody, regardless of personal limitations.An effective design should be usable by everybody who uses your product.Design has the amazing quality that it is not only a means of visual communication but, used in the correct way, it can shock, stun and captivate.
  • rene-art:


    I think we can all just agree that dragons are pretty cool…
    But dragon designs in film and on television are so vanilla. Look! Look at what we could have! 

    1. Dragon Head - by “Veramudis
    2. I’m Fabulous -  by Katarzyna Marcinkowska “Grzanka" (Tumblr) 
    3. Dragon Mounts - by “V4m2c4
    4. Bluejay Dragon - by “Shinerai" (tumblr 1) (tumblr 2)
    5. Patterns- by “WhiteRaven" (tumblr) 
    6. Last Ones -  by “WhiteRaven(tumblr) 
    7. Classic Tabby Dragon - by Hillary Luetkemeyer “Hibbary
    8. Minty - by by “Shinerai(tumblr 1) (tumblr 2)

    (Also these are all just incredible artists go shower them with attention.) 

    This is why dragons are so awesome to draw; infinite possibilities and so much to learn and practice with! Would love it if movies, TV and even games tried to break away (or expand) from the typical Euro/Wyvern dragon.

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  • designersof:


    Coloured-digital remake of my ballpoint pen drawing 'Deceiver.' Illustrative interpretation of the Red Fox. Here’s an overview of my process.

    Adobe Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Cintiq 24 HD | App. 14 Hours.

    Full view.

    Tumblr | DeviantArt | Facebook | Society6


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  • littlebigdetails:

    Foursquare - When no data for opening hours, they suggest “See when people check in.”

    /via zsitro

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  • teamspangle:

    Are you passionate about throwing events? Do you enjoy getting people together for social outings, study groups, intramural games or even public demonstrations? Do you feel comfortable putting the word out on social media and think of yourself as an influencer or catalyst?

    Apply to become a…

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  • Minimal Landing page made in lines of the new rebrand of Spangle Application v2.

  • littlebigdetails:

    Vimeo - When you search “fart”, it makes fart noises when you scroll up and down.

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  • littlebigdetails:

    Virgin America - When typing first name, you are greeted by ‘Hey there’, a surname and you get a ‘Nice name’.

    /via Rasmus Kütt

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  • littlebigdetails:

    Google Camera - Shows a rotate icon while phone is vertical and in video mode, encouraging you to record proper horizontal videos.

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  • teamspangle:

    7:30- Alarm goes off. Hour and a half to get to work.

    7:31- What is “work” anyways? Oh yeah, I’m a Spangle “evangelist” intern. Yup, I’m ditching the office.

    7:32- Realize I can’t ditch the office without something else to do. Gotta find something else to do. Open Spangle.

    7:33- Chuckle…

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  • teamspangle:

    Spangle is an app about DOING. It is a path to being more spontaneous and actually doing things with friends, not just talking about it. At a time when our lives feel scheduled down to the minute, Spangle makes it easy to get people together and do things that are relevant and personalized to…

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  • So it begins!. The future of family robots … This is hell of a start! Great job

  • A shot from the UI kit i am working on.

  • Skeumorphism isn’t out of fashion just yet ;) . A quick play with a web-cart music player. 

  • "If you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room!"
  • a dashboard design.